So for a little while ago, Vengeance released for Xbox 360. I'm just going to review the Zombies part which is Buried.

The map got some fun features, one being the ability to fly (more on that later) and all the nice buildables it brought.

Subsurface Resonator

The Subsurface Resonator is a new, fun buildable device introduced in Buried. It blasts highly damaging air akin to our beloved airshotty, but is planted instead. The good things with the Subsurface Resonator is that it's very powerful and got good range, but the bad things are that the stunning range is WAY too high. It interrupts jumping which can prove fatal if you're jumping from a roof to another and slows you down. The Resonator also breaks easily, making it unreliable in the narrow alleyways which houses Jugger-Nog and it needs a Turbine to function.

I rate it 8/10.

Head Chopper

The Head Chopper. As the name says, it chops heads (or legs) and does a very good job at doing so. It can damage you, however but does slight damage when used against our four survivors. It kills zombies with ease and helped me survive Round 23 in the maze.

I rate it 8/10, since placing it is a big factor in it's effectiveness.

I will not review the other two buildables, since they are not new to Buried.

The "Mistresses", the fountains and the maze.

The mistresses are the ghost ladies you see in the mansion. They are a danger to even the most skilled players at the beginning, but when you figure out their spawn points, they are easy and the free perk can be achieved without hassle and you can proceed to the maze (and the fountain). The maze is the real pain here. The maze has doors that open and close randomly and pose a threat if you decide to Pack-A-Punch mid-round. And the fountain is also there. Look down before you jump. For your own sake.


Vulture Aid is the new perk in Buried. You can hide in zombie scent, which is effective when Monkey Bombs fail to draw undead attention. You can also pick up loose ammo and small money bags.

I give the perk 9/10 by the zombie scent alone. The other effects are rather small.


The Paralyzer is probably the second best wonder weapon in BO2 in terms of killing power. You can kill hordes of zombies with ease and you can fly to areas that's not been opened yet. It is also needed for Mined Games.

I give it 10/10, due to the BO2 wonder weapon standard is low and this is a lot better than... you know.

Time Bomb

The Time Bomb is a very nifty device if used correctly. It can revert from a catastrophe and make everyone ressurect for some reason, but also, if you are playing with strangers, try to get it for yourself and keep it. The monkey bomb replaces the Time Bomb aswell, probably for balancing reasons.

I give it a 10/10, because it is a very helping device when playing with teammates and it can double your bank!

Mined Games

This review concerns Richtofens side of the easter egg* You look at the steps for this EE. You think "Huh. Doesn't look so hard." "The Die Rise EE is harder". You are wrong. You are all wrong. The first steps may be easy, adding parts to the guillotine, following the wisp and finding bodies in Round Infinity but the last step... Oh god... Target Practice is no doubt the most painful step ever made in Zombies EE. But after you complete it, you get rewarded greatly with permanent perks, but at the end, is it worth it? I don't think so. Richtofens ending also gives you an upgraded version of Mule Kick (four guns, yay) and a permanent fire sale before wiping your EE progression.

I personally hated trying this EE, as we got stuck at the last step involving testing our accuracy and our sanity.


The map is very fun and got a lot of fun devices and the return of both PhD and Stamin-Up is very nice. The layout it good but I felt that the map was small.

I give map 9/10. The map was ultimatly very enjoyable, but rather small compared to the other storyline maps.

Thanks for reading and have a nice day!

Origins review coming when I've explored the map a bit more.

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