Apocalypse released not to long ago. This review will be all about Dig. Let's start with the characters.

(pun intended)

The characters

The crew we first saw in Shi No Numa are back, but this time, they are not incredibly annoying, but actually good.

Tank Dempsey, Takeo Masaki, Nikolai Belinski and Dr. Edward Richtofen

They are actually Leo Dicaprio, Vaas, Red Baron and Freddie Mercury in order.

The Maxis Drone

So Richtofen saved what remained untainted out of Maxis, who have gone sick and died prior to Origins (retcon much). This is his brain. Anyway the drone is very useful in a number of ways, including reviving people and gunning down zombies with ease. This is the ultimate support equipment you can have and is no doubt my favorite buildables of all time. You can also get four yellow disks scattered around the map to get your free Magna Collider that helps newly respawned people or just a plain nub.

It is extremely useful, it lasts long and the cooldown time is not long. Therefore I give it a perfect score. 10/10.

The "Elemental" Staffs (or staves if you will)

The new wonder weaponry on this map are the Staffs. They are very useful in their own ways.

The Wind Staff is generally weak and carries little ammo, but upgraded, it becomes Boreas' Fury. It got much more power and can create a tornado that sucks every zombie in. Not the MiniVahn though.

Unupgraded, I give it 3/10 because it is useless. Unless you like stunning over survival.

The Staff of Fire is the most powerful staff of them all. It fires three balls of DOOM fire that turns zombies into porridge at a rapid rate. Upgraded, it becomes the Kagutsuchi's Blood. It can make a small area completly unaccessable by zombies due to fire just screwing them over. It it beautiful.

Unupgraded, I give it a 8/10 because when you're cornered, it may not save you due to it's somewhat slow ROF.

The Staff of Ice is also kinda weak, but it is a gread support weapon. I have yet to upgrade it, so I can't say much.

I give it a 6/10 because it is a very good support weapon, make sure you enter the tank with the Ice Staff!

The Staff of Electricity is like a weaker Zap Gun. It got a decent amount of ammo and works fairly well as a defensive and offensive weapon. Upgraded, it becomes the Kimat's Bite. It can fire a ball of electricity that zaps zombies moving in it's way. Also works well as a support weapon like the Ice Staff.

I give it a 7/10.

All upgraded staffs comes with the Sekmet's Vigor. It fires a slow healing bolt that revives players on impact, but it is fairly hard to hit.

By the way, did I mention the huge robots?

The Vonderbots

Three robots roam the map. Vahn1, Vahn2 and ofcourse, Vahn5. (Vahn5 is so intense, it skips Vahn 3 and 4)

They are not really much of a nuisance when you know their paths, but they can make trouble, like closing the Thunderfist boxes down, needing even more souls.

Overall they can be avoided with ease, but the Golden Helmet (it's a thing) makes it even easier because you can survive being stomped.

Vahn Jr.

Starting at Round 8, an armored zombie jumps into the map. This is Vahn Jr. He is a bitch to kill and takes prehaps 4 MP40 mags to his head before his frame breaks. And every 2 times he spawns, he brings his friend, who later brings a friend and so on. And during the main quest, (EE) 8 of them spawn. Even though I didn't kill a single on there (lol), I still think it was though for my crew.

Mark IV Tank

This tank is more or less the bus from TranZit without T.E.D.D, but zombies that sprint after the tank will sprint 'till they die. Not sure why. The tank is required to make the Staff of Electricity, as all parts are on the tank's path and altitude.

Der Wunderfizz

Der Wunderfizz is not a new perk, but a new perk machine. It works like a Random Weapon Box, but it costs 1500 and gives a perk instead. PhD Flopper is obtainable here, but it isn't as useful anymore considering the layout and little to none verticality. Splash damage rarely happens (atleast for me).


Outside wonderweapons, Origins brought some new leadfillers. Some of them are completely new to zombies, some of them are old favorites and some are completely new. For the first time in storyline Zombies, we have a new starting pistol, the Dieselpunk styled Mauser. Upgraded, it becomes a Ray Gun Mark W Boomhilda, which is much better than the Mustang And Sally. The Ballista, which kinda is a reskinned Kar98k, the MP40 and the sexiest guns in Origins are the STG and MG08 (wow). The box is also filled with guns, making it harder to get a certain weapon, but a good thing is that some weapons have attachments if you get it from the box, so it might be worth getting an MP40 w/ Stock instead of buying it from the wall. Overall I think these new and old additions are great and Treyarch's Zombie or Campaign team (not sure who made Origins) did a great job with the guns.. Especially the STG. The KSG is also a great addition as it's been on my wishlist since Green Run. (R.I.P hopes about Crossbow)


I really like this map. It brings a challenge and is very fun if you survive past Round 8. There's a new power up, Zombie Blood. It hides you from zombies for 30 secs and can save you and your team.

I give the map a 10/10 as it really brought a challenge we rarely see anymore in Zombies.

Special thanks to Deathmanstratos, Argorrath and DrkDragonz66.

I'll see ya'll again when I review Will Smiff Revenge.

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