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  • I live in America sadly.
  • My occupation is being an idiot.
  • I am dull and boring.
  • RedDeadRevenge24

    RDR: Just some idea

    November 28, 2012 by RedDeadRevenge24

    Well hello all. I am RDR and I will be sharing a little idea that me and my friend made up.

    For those who pre-ordered BO2, you most likely have played Nuketown Zombies, a small, yet very fun map. While I enjoy simply murdering zombies and such, I feel bored playing as some random CDC/CIA. It's really dull to play as some silent person who says nothing at all. And so that is where the idea comes in.

    I figure that instead of playing as CDC/CIA, why not play as the Black Ops and Spetsnaz? Why them? Because it's Nuketown, why not? I think it would be pretty amusing to play as our 2 favorite factions(Or at least my favorites.) How will this work? Well, picture 2 Black Ops agents and 2 Spetsnaz agents slowly exiting the fallout shelter hours after…

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  • RedDeadRevenge24

    RDR: Rough times

    January 16, 2012 by RedDeadRevenge24

    I am sorry to say that I may be leaving the wikia. I've been feeling strangely empty and I haven't been being myself lately, like i'm someone else, and I feel as though i'm changing too fast. Another thing is that i've recently been dealing with past memories which I really want to forget about but can't, as these memories have haunted me all these years and they've caught up with me once again. All these things on my mind really trouble me and I cant focus on just one thing. With this situation i'm in right now, i'm not sure what to do. I need some time to sort things out.

    If I dont return before February....... Auf Weidersehen.

    I love you all dearly.

    Ze Doctor, RDR24Talk

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