Well hello all. I am RDR and I will be sharing a little idea that me and my friend made up.

For those who pre-ordered BO2, you most likely have played Nuketown Zombies, a small, yet very fun map. While I enjoy simply murdering zombies and such, I feel bored playing as some random CDC/CIA. It's really dull to play as some silent person who says nothing at all. And so that is where the idea comes in.

I figure that instead of playing as CDC/CIA, why not play as the Black Ops and Spetsnaz? Why them? Because it's Nuketown, why not? I think it would be pretty amusing to play as our 2 favorite factions(Or at least my favorites.) How will this work? Well, picture 2 Black Ops agents and 2 Spetsnaz agents slowly exiting the fallout shelter hours after the dropping of the nuke, looking around at the complete destruction of the area, then looking up at the massive mushroom cloud. After a while, the 2 factions turn to each other, giving mean glares, reaching for their weapons, ready for confrontation. Then suddenly, a shreik is heard in the distance. The 4 men look around, puzzled. And then behind them, the door breaks open. It is a zombie. They all step back in shock, and shortly after, with no hesitation, they all open fire, killing it. Recovering from shock, one of the Black Ops walks over to the body and examines it, questioning what it is. Shortly after, several more loud shrieks are heard. The agent looks back and stands up. The 4 men are introduced to a horde of zombies heading right for them. They stand their ground, weapons ready. The factions look at each other again, deciding that they now must work together in order to survive. After that, they aim their weapons, and the screen blacks out as gunfire is heard. And now the map starts.

For Nuketown zombies, I want to make it feel unique. Instead of having 2 factions fighting each other, they now have to work together. However while they are a team now, they still display bitterness against each other. This is another thing. I want to make the dialogue feel kind of special. For example, the Spetsnaz would speak Russian to each other, while the Ops speak english. And when the faction speaks to the other, they communicate in english. I have even made up some quotes, Perphaps I will share them another time.

And this is my idea, but before I finish this, I want to say this....

The name of the game is Black Ops 2, right? Well If that's so, then... where are the Black ops?

Give it some thought.

NZ TakeoRDR24TalkTakeo

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