Yes I know it's been suggested/falsely proved and yes we've all seen that most likely fake loading screen. But let's put all the hints we know together eh? First of all, lets cover the "Fear Teddy theory" which is the first letters of the black ops 1 map packs (First strike, Escalation, Annihilation, Ressurection) and the last letters for Black ops II zombie maps (Transit, Die Rise, Mob of the Dead, Buried, and maybe [Atlantis City]). That would spell Teddy with Atlantis City at the end. Teddy, for those who don't know, is a nickname for Richtofen, who's first name is Edward. It could also refer to Samantha's teddy bears though. Next comes something I heard in transit while completing the Tower of Babble Easter egg. I was playing as [[|Samuel J. Stuhlinger|Samuel]], and I heard I'm say repeatedly while training zombies: "I've got enough bullets for everyone in Atlantis!". I thought this was kind've odd. Why would that fit into anything if it wasn't a hint to the last map? And finally, the basic logic part. Black Ops' biggest hit: Moon. It was in space. Polar opposite? Underwater. Any other theories (that work) I haven't listed? Comment them below.

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