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  • Redskin-26

    Hello, Redskin here again with your weekly round-up of Call of Duty and wiki related news.

    • Black Ops II is double XP this weekend for all platforms.
    • Large community update for Black Ops II on the 360.

    • Obligatory War Room link.
    • Somebody from the News Team did the news this week. So we can all just stop complaining, k?
    • Happy 3 day late Birthday to AntiScootaTwo.
    • Happy Birthday Drkdragonz66.

    • Ouya was released. [1]
    • Yuno and Yukki come together today. (Only a select amount of people will get this reference)

    • Fuck Bowls.
    • And don't be like this guy.

    That's all for this week, take care! 02:14, July 28, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Redskin-26

    Hello, my name is Redskin, and I'm here with your weekly round-up of Call of Duty and wiki related news.

    • Activision's pipes are leaking.
    • Interview of Treyarch’s Executive Producer Jason Blundell about creating Mob of the Dead.
      • Mob of the Dead was released to PS3 and PC a few days ago if you haven't noticed. Nobody noticed obvsly.

    • Obligatory War Room link.
    • Shout out to Antibrony, P90, and Argorrath who did categories for stuff.
    • The nomination time for UotM (no more "Featured User") starts today.


    Bye. 01:33, May 19, 2013 (UTC)

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  • Redskin-26

    Hello, my name is Redskin, and I'm here with your weekly round-up of things and stuff or lack thereof.

    • Treyarch's notes of the newest patch and some new Micro-Transactions.
    • The website "" was confirmed fake by Activision.

    • Obligatory War Room link.
    • Opinions.
    • More opinions.
    • Wut.

    • A new pope was elected by the Catholic Church.

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  • Redskin-26

    With the first details of Bungie's newest project, "Destiny" revealed, Activion's CEO Eric Hirshberg sat down to address some of the hot topics that will be facing Activison and the game industry in 2013 and beyond as the 8th generation of video consoles approaches.

    When asked about possible problems with Call of Duty's annual releases and release cycle, Hirshberg replied saying:

    "So far I think we’ve found a very nice cadence with our Call of Duty community and the demand and the supply of new content is in a pretty good balance. The games have gotten increasingly long tails and people have shown a year-round appetite to keep playing multiplayer and for the new content that we release with DLC packs to enhance those experiences.

    We’ve been ab…

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  • Redskin-26

    Welcome all to this week's community news blog, soy un oso ʕ·͡ᴥ·ʔ so let's go ahead and get down to it.

    • David Vonderhoweveryouspellhisname wants to murder people with facts
    • Nuketown 2025 was pulled from playlists then it was returned obviously it was all Reznov's master plan
    • Black Ops II receives a update fixing numerous bugs and glitches alike

    • Local mobster administrator Damac posted a worth reading review of Black Ops II
    • Another local administrator I forgot his name, I think it was Tyrone or somethin' posted a blog about his views on MW3 a while back, if you haven't already seen it it's pretty good
    • Lots of topics in the War Room, even the possibility of a Wiki Podcast whatchu talkin' bout Willis
    • T…

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