Personal Redskin-26 911

On September, 11th, 2001 america changed forever, the world changed forever. Nearly 3000 lives where lost forever. Lives, families changed forever. America vowed to Never Forget to Never Surrender. To endure. That is what we have done and alwayas will. I have a terribly personal connection to the attacks that occured that day. I live in NYC, and was in NYC on the day of the attacks. The emotions that we all felt were like nothing a human should have to go through. This Blog is to thank all the men and women that went into Afganistan and Iraq to avenge the dead, to all those families still suffering, to all of us with the cold and terrible memories of that morning, to all the first responders and to all those that died on September 11th. Sunday I will be attending the ceremony of rememberence and the opening of the new WTC. Rest in peace all that died on 9/11, all that died in the following wars and rest in peace towers 1 and 2. You all will be missed. You will alwayas be remembered.

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