I know alot of people on the Call of Duty wiki play alot of zombies. So I thought this would be a good post to make. I'm going to rank all the Perk-a-Cola's by how effective they are. Perk-a-Cola's are a big part of surviving in zombies and without them in solo surviving in late rounds is near impossible. So hear we go here are my ranks and reasons of all the Perk-a-Cola.

  1. Juggernog- Yes juggernog. You may say...NO not juggernog you need...blah blah blah. Well your wrong. Juggernog is the most effective perk, and almost as esential as a good gun in zombies. WHY? Juggernog is #1 because... well it makes you a juggernaut against those zombies. This can help players run past and around zombies take more hits from the zombies and in special rounds it takes 5 from Hellhounds and George. Juggernog costs 2500 points, not the smallest price but worth it.
  2. Stamin-up- My personal favorite perk. Stamin-up is 10x more usefull than most players think. Stamin-up makes a player sprint for 2 times longer and makes a player also move faster. It is reasonable priced so helps it go into the #2 spot. WHY? Glad you asked. Stamin-up can be usefull when dashing to the PaP on Ascension or when a teammate is down getting to him quickly and also this is usefull when a fire sale is activated and you need to use the box. It can also be used to slip around zombies really fast and is amazing combined with Juggernog.
  3. Speed Cola- Speed Cola gets to #3 on my list, for its ability to make the players reload time half as much. WHY? Because this is usefull for big guns and usally big guns reload slower same with wonder weapons. Now the reason this isnt #2 which most people would place it there, is because this perk cost the most with 3000 points and only has one pupose...reloading.
  4. Quick Revive- YOU NEED ALITTLE QUICK REVIVE!!!! Quick revive gets #4 on my list. Quick revive costs only 1500 quite cheap. WHY? Quick Revive is very effective in solo as it pretty much gives the player another life plus having Mustang&Sally while they are down. In public matches its usefull to revive friends quickly (hense the name) and annoying noobs who suck and well when a guy gets down and dies 15 times a game its good to break the habit by reviving this person with your QR. QR is good combined with Juggernog(what isnt).
  5. Double Tap Root Beer- This perk increases the players guns rate of fire by 3 fold. It cost 2000 points same as Stamin-Up.WHY IS IT #5? Alot of people value this as the most important perk...I do not. Double Tap is a good value for a player if he has a slow firing gun like the MP40 or Galil, but most of the guns have good fire rates and this perk can hog ammo on a enormous level.
  6. Deadshot Daiquiri- Deadshot is #6 on my list, nice job deadshot (sarcasm).WHY? Deadshot takes #6 because it has a cheap price of 1500. It causes the auto-aim to pop straight to the enemies heads. This usefull for conseving ammo and of course getting headshots. Though this perk can help get headshots, zombies move fast and auto-aim is in effective in late rounds.
  7. PhD Flopper- I'm going to be hated for making it #7, last place but it is the worst of zombies mode 7 perks.WHY? Well it has a reasonably cheap cost 2000, but the reason it is last on my list is what it does. If a player dives of a hill, when they hit the ground any zombie close explodes. This perk has many flaws this only works on hills and sometimes doesnt go of. EX. jump of the hill near the lander on Ascension and their is a hord of zombies if you dive into a zombie you will hit the ground and not explode 50% of the time. This perk is risky and rarely usable. Even though it seems fun don't be tricked into buying it.

Well that's my post on the Perk-a-Cola's leave your list in the comments. This is my opinion and I hope you respect it, I hate it when noobs in public matches tell me what perks to buy. That is not there choice, its mine. Please tell others too read this, it took a long time to write.

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