Welcome all, friends, anons and others, to this weeks Gun Review of the Week! I decided to skip a secondary review this week but there will be a new secondary review this upcoming thursday. I also want to say thanks to you all who gave me congrats on becoming a chat mod, and if you didnt, you suck its ok. I also want to just mention that it is my birthday this monday, and that I am turning 17. I also want to say thanks to Jar for nominating me for UotM and also that this has been a pretty sweet week for me. So without anymore stalling I give you this weeks gun! Nominated by FireBird and supported by JPanzer and Thumps. This week we have a very contraverstial gun, the FAMAS. We will discuss review the BO version and the MW2 version. LET US BEGIN!

FAMAS Black Ops Version

Well this is going to be hard to do without upsetting some people, but please I'm going to do my best.


  • Unlocked at early level
  • High Rate of fire
  • Great Accurracy
  • Almost no recoil
  • Works well with a multiple amout of attachments
  • Decent Penetration
  • Good in Zombies (Great Pack a Punched)
  • Quick reload


  • Extremely overused
  • Prepare to be called a Noob/Fagit/Asshole, by irritated players
  • Compared to other rifles not as powerful
  • The high rate of fire burns ammo quick in Zombies mode
  • Low hipfire accurracy
  • Slowest ADS time of the assault rifles

Some may call this gun, overused, overpowerd and nooby. It is definetly overused, I am not going to comment on the other two things however. On the Squirtle BW hastobedoneforredskin26Scale the gun gets a 9.0/10 if you look past the flaws and critism it is a good worthy of that rating.

Now the MW2 version

FAMAS MW2 Version

FAMAS menu icon MW2


  • Extreme Accurracy
  • Almost no Recoil
  • Very mobile
  • Good Range of attachments
  • Quick Reload time
  • Best Assault Rifle for long range
  • Unlocked early on


  • 3 burst (bad for close range)
  • Cant spray at close range
  • Low Penetration
  • Highly unfavorable, due to superior guns in the same category
  • Terrible for hardore

Well for the MW2 FAMAS the Za Cons, outweight the Za Pros, so it gets a 7.2/10 on theSquirtle BW hastobedoneforredskin26Scale.

So hope you all enjoyed leave your comments, and Secondary suggestions for Thursday and your Primary suggestions for next saturday and I will see you thursday! (unless you come in chat, because I stalk that place).

Just alittle present


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