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Gun Review of the Week!-RPD

Redskin-26 October 23, 2011 User blog:Redskin-26

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RPD menu icon MW2

Wasup! Welcome bros, bronies, pegisisters, assassins and everything inbetween! To this week's Gun Review of the week! I havent done a review since September 24th so I have some catching up to do with the reviews. So this week we have my first review of a LMG within the DPR. Nominated by the one and only Crazy sam10, who is also up for UotM. So lets get down to it!

RPD MW1 Version


  • 100 rounds! Fuck yeah!
  • Good range and accuracy
  • Grip attachment is a must have, and Red Dot is great aswell
  • Powerful? Yes.
  • Unlocked early on.
  • High Penetration
  • Nice rate of fire


  • Reload time is hell
  • Must have the grip to handle the recoil
  • No Hip-fire accuracy what so ever
  • Highly unmobile no derp dip shit

So the RPD scores quite well on the Squirtle BW hastobedoneforredskin26Scale with a 8.8/10 lacking in reload and hipfire accuracy it makes up in power and rate of fire.

So now the MW2 version.

RPD MW2 Version


  • Amazingly powerful
  • High Penetration
  • Unlocked early on
  • Better range of attachments then the MW version
  • 100 bullets!? Waste them all on this guy's face
  • Still has great range and accuracy


  • The reload time....
  • Higher recoil then the MW version
  • Slower rate of fire then MW version
  • Superior guns in the same category

The MW2 version is a bit of a downgrade this time. It gets a 8.0/10 on the Squirtle BW hastobedoneforredskin26Scale.

Well I hope you all enjoyed. Please comment and leave me Primary and Secondary suggestions for my next review! See you all around :)

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