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Hello ponies and bros, welcome to this weeks edition of the Gun Review of the Week! I put up a poll in my last blog to see what gun you all wanted me to do next and the Uzi won by a longshot. The Uzi was nomitated multiple times by by this dude and you guys voted for it so...this week I'll bring you the BO version and the MW2 versions of the Uzi.

"Lets do this!"
Gaz/Ghost's catchphrase

First the BO version.



  • Extreme rate of fire
  • Somewhat low unlock level
  • Great Range and Accuracy for a submachine gun
  • Low reload time
  • Perfect sized magazine
  • Good range of attachments
  • Highly mobile


  • Really bad recoil
  • Highly unfavored by players
  • Shit Iron sights
  • Very low penetration
  • Lower damage compared to other SMG's (giving them a slight upperhand)

So the Uzi did pretty good in the BO portion of this review. So now we go to the Squirtle BW hastobedoneforredskin26 scale where it gets a solid 8.0/10.

Now MW2's Mini-uzi.



  • Once again has a awesome rate of fire
  • Good sized magazine
  • Decent range and accurracy
  • Of course its mobile(its a SMG of course)
  • Quick reload
  • Lower recoil then the fullsized


  • High unlock level
  • Low penetration
  • Ineffective attachments
  • Weak gun, gun has low damage
  • Unfavored compared to UMP45 and P90

Well the Mini-Uzi gets a lower score on the Squirtle BW hastobedoneforredskin26scale at a 7.6/10

Well hope you all enjoyed leave your comments and primary gun suggestions as alwayas I really love to get them. So give me what you want to see next week and tell me how I did. Shout out to my buddy AR he recently launched his own review series if you havent seen it here it is you guys can expect alot more of this good stuff in the future *wink* *wink*. Also shout out to Sactage as it looks he will soon become a 'crat.

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NO Secondary review this thursday I'm going to give the series a one week breather (secondary series), so leave your primary suggestions and I'll see you all next saturday. :)

Peace out.