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Gun Review of the Week!- AK47


Once again hello all and welcome to 2nd edition of Gun Review of the Week. Appearently people would like me to continue to post these so I will. Secondary gun reviews on Thursdays or Fridays and Primary's on Saturdays or Sundays. So. I got alot of feed back on which gun I should do and I had a hard Internal debate on which gun to choose and this week we will review all of the AK-47's appearences in the CoD series. So Lets kick it of with the CoD4 AK-47.


  • High Power
  • Average Size Magazine
  • Good Penetration
  • Unlocked at level 4
  • Decent Iron Sights


  • Recoil can make average range ineffective
  • Poor rate of fire
  • Suppressor limits effectiveness as does the Red Dot Sight

Now for a new section of attributes the neutral column


  • 1 shot kill in Hardcore IF you can get past that mean recoil

I would give to COD4 AK-47 a decent 8/10 for its high power and penetration but is held back from glory for its crazy recoil and poor attachments.

NOW FOR THE MW2 AK-47 *sweats* my fingers hurt........


  • Awesome power ratio
  • High Penetration
  • Comparably quick reload
  • Great Range
  • Good Iron Sights


  • Takes so long to unlock
  • Somewhat slow rate of fire
  • Attachments still dont really agree with the AK
  • Recoil is not as bad as the COD4 recoil but still not a friend of the player

The MW2 AK-47 Lands a 8.8/10 on the Squirtle Scale. I often use this gun when I play MW2 but it can get on my nerves at times (alwayas helps to have a good sidearm)

Now for the Black Ops A-K-40-Seven which is my favorite weapon on BO so.... alittle bias.


  • Great Iron Sights
  • Works well with a suppressor
  • Good Accracy
  • Decent Power
  • Works good for all types of game styles (rush, camp, anystyle)


  • Not as much power as other AK's
  • Still a somewhat slow Rate of Fire
  • A step down in Penetration

So overall the BO AK-47 scores a 9.1/10 on the Squirtle Scale

Well that is this weeks Gun review of the week, please comment on what guns you want to see next on both the secondary reviews and primary. I cant do all of your reviews but I will try to pick out entertaining suggestions and DrkDragonz I promise you one day maybe not next week I will do the riot shield. ;)

So here are the orginal blogs that started the series if you havent read them yet.!-_Ranger

And I will mention the name of the nomine for each weeks gun so the person who brought the AK to my attention was BBP09

This weeks was alittle long so I would perfer if I do a gun with a bunch of appearences like the AK I only do it form one game now lets say if one wants the P90 it only appears in 2 games so thats easier on me to do and keeps the blog shorter and nicer :D

Ok Bros, Bronies, Others and The Pro Peace out ;)

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