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Hello!!! Welcome all to the 3rd edition of the Gun Review of the Week! I hope you enjoyed the Deagle review from thursday but this week in the Primary review we have a EXTRA special review. Because I could not make up my mind on wheither to do the Intervention or the Raygun, we will do both!!!

First we got the weapon of choice for any Quickscoper, the Intervention.



  • A headshot machine
  • Like I said perfect gun for Quickscopers
  • Very Powerful almost alwayas a 1-hit kill (unless you shoot the enemies toe then well...)
  • Good attachments for a sniper (exept the silencer)
  • As most would imagine...great range
  • High Penetration(TWSS)
  • Average Mobility
  • Unlocked early on
  • Easy too reload cancel


  • High Recoil (I mean this mother****** bounces!)
  • Bolt-action, so hit that first shot
  • Only 5 shots a magazine
  • Somewhat slow reload
  • If a noob is using Painkiller...its gonna take a few shots
  • I cant get kills with suppressor on it

Ok I think that the Intervention is a good gun, and is my sniper of choice when I play MW2. On the Squirtle Scale I give it a 8.2/10. The Intervention is set to return in MW3, hopefully they will do it justice.

Now we have a space age weapon from CoD Zombies. Lots of players kids have seizures when they get it from the box. Hopefully this review will be good enough to give you a seizure. ;)

Ray Gun


  • It kills zombies :)
  • It shoots glowing green donuts of death
  • It is a beast PaP'ed
  • It may be somewhat rare from the box but is worth a few trys
  • A team with 2 or more players with Ray Guns, can get you high on the leaderboards
  • Decent sized magazine at 20 rounds


  • Slow reload
  • Cant reload cancel
  • Terrible fire rate
  • I hate those little assholes crawlers it makes
  • The sights arent that good.

Ok the Ray Gun is definetly worthy of its Wonder Weapon status. I give it a 9/10 on the Squirtle Scale with reload hurting it the most.

Ok thanks to these guys for the nominations> Yellow Riolu for the Raygun nomination, Comrade Robinson and SXe Fiend for the Intervention nomination.

Put your nominations for the next Primary and Secondary guns in the comments I hoped you enjoyed, there will be lots more of this in the future *winks to Review Group*, and Thursday we will have another secondary review and saturday we are gonna have a beast review that Nyx will love ;) if you know what I mean.

Anyway thanks be sure to comment and farewell Comrades, Bronies, Bros and others. :DDD

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