Hello. Im doing a new thing on my blog. I see the Admin's do the weekly wrap up so I got a idea from it...I'll write a review of a gun every week!!! So now every Sunday or Monday if I forget ;) I will write a review of a gun. This week (1st time) I will review the G11 from Call of Duty Black Ops.


  • Almost no recoil
  • Decent Iron Sights
  • Average Damage
  • Great Accuracy
  • Decent reload time


  • 3 burst
  • Cant spray when an enemy charges
  • Must buy all assault rifles to get
  • The special sight for it is garbage
  • Can't Play with it in zombies what so ever

Ok so I would give the G11 an overall 7.5/10 a decent gun that only few would perfer *cough* Kratos *cough* but if I had a choice between this or BO's M16...In multiplayer G11 all day Zombies I rather have M16.

So thats this weeks review leave your comments on my review and tell me whether I should keep doing this or not. Also, tell me what gun you want to see next week. ANY GUN ANYGAME. If you say AK47 tell me in which game okay.

Please comment on the blog if I want to know that people read these so I know if I need to make more. :D

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