Desert Eagle

Personal SkullRod Golden Desert Eagle

WAZUP!!!!!! Hello friends and anons, welcome to the second edition of the Secondary Gun Review of the week. This week we have a exciting review, of a gun XBOXahoy called the worst gun in (MW2/MW). The one and only Desert Eagle, also known as the Deagle. This weapon is a absolutely love it weapon or a I WANNA F*IN KILL THIS PIECE OF S*IT!!!!! Either way lets get to the MW edition of the Deagle.


  • This gun looks sexy....yes that is a pro
  • POWER!!!
  • Has good penetration
  • Average reload time
  • Very high hip-fire accuracy


  • This gun has the biggest recoil...EVA!!!!!!
  • Terrible range (which effects the power-so does the recoil)
  • Small magazine
  • Somewhat high unlock level
  • Its a very loud and ovious gun that can be heard from across the map
  • Bad accuracy(the range hurts it even more)unless at close range(like the hip-fire accuracy)
  • No Suppressor(ITS A BIG GUN)

Ok so the Deagle isnt looking to hot...Its a powerful gun mostly know for the legendary(and sexy) gold camo. On the Squirtle Scale the MW version of the Desert Eagle gets a 6/10, the lowest score I've ever given a gun.

Lets see if the MW2 version is at least alittle better. Probably not


  • The signature awesome look is still the same
  • Still has wonderful power
  • Still has moderate penetration
  • A average reload time (again)
  • Actually has decent attachments


  • What that...recoil I see?
  • Only 7 rounds in a magazine
  • Slower rate of fire compared to other pistols
  • Still no suppressor
  • High unlock level
  • Still has no range
  • Decent accuracy ruined by the recoil and range
  • Even though the Tac knife and the FMJ is a approvement to the attachments....the akimbo is still only good at point blank

So...The gun barely gets a approvement at a 6.3/10 on the Squirtle Scale. I think that XBOXahoy got it right and I can not find a gun worse then the Deagle so...this is the worst gun of the MW series. Ok leave comments on what guns you want to see next for the secondary and primary reviews. New primary gun review on saturday. Its gonna be a good one:)

Also look out for news about Review Blogs and the changes that will soon but not yet have occured to them. People of the Review Group you know what I'm talking about *wink wink* as I know you are reading. Also this person nominated the Desert Eagle, so congrats on getting your nomination reviewed.

Ok thats all amigos and amigas, I will cya around. PEACE OUT HOMIES :D :D :D :) :D :D :P ;)

(also haters/copycats...cut it out)

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