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Secondary Gun Review of the Week!- M93 Raffica

Redskin-26 September 29, 2011 User blog:Redskin-26


Hello friends, anons and others and welcome to the Secondary Gun Review of the Week! Firstly I would like to thank all of you for all the spam I got on my talk page, saying things like "What waste of 9 months you were" and "Birthday? You hath one?" It really shows how much you all like me ;). This week I got LOTS of primary gun nominations and ZERO secondary nominations, so I had to go look at past blogs for suggestions, and so we have Nyx's suggestion, of the M93 Raffica, for todays blog! Lets get down too it!

M93 Raffica


  • Great range,
  • Most likely the most accurate secondary
  • Good damage
  • Speedy reload
  • High power, Low recoil (Awesome combo)
  • Very effecitve with Akimbo


  • Iron sights are shit
  • Can be at a disadvantage with the 3-burst
  • Other attachments (other then akimbo) are terrible with the M93
  • If the player misses there first shot at CQC, they will die
  • Underused

Well the Raffica's do fairly well on the Squirtle BW hastobedoneforredskin26Scale with a 8/10.

Well hope you all enjoyed, I have noticed a decrease in views of these blogs so if you read, PLEASE comment. New Primary Gun Review of the Week on Saturday, I already have decided what gun I will do (you guys left me lots of good suggestions) so dont leave primary suggestions, leave me some Secondary suggestions.

Ok I hope you all enjoyed, so now here alittle present, a Pokemon related gif!!! (TROLLTOISE USED TROLL!)

Blastoise Troll

Peace out homies :) -Squirtle

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