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Well hello!!! Welcome to the Secondary Gun Review of the week, Do to Demand, I will do the javelin! The nomitators of it where in that little word over there. Anyway I hope you all liked the special edition review that I put up on sunday, if you havent checked it out yet> Thank all of you for the support, nominations, ideas and comments continue to do so, I read ever comment and nomiation, I apreatiate the support and of course I think of all the ideas you have given me. Keep'em coming, and remember if I dont do what you suggested one week dont get discouraged. Anyway lets get down to the shit. The review of the Javelin.



  • Best weapon for taking out killstreaks and fun as hell in singleplayer
  • Never misses with the lock on
  • Large blast range
  • Can lock on to anything metal (almost)
  • If your spawn trapping it is a key secondary


  • Unlocked at late level
  • Long reload
  • Takes 5 or so seconds to lock-on
  • Must go into air.....and.....coming....*BOOM*..ya..that.....

So the Javelin is a awesome weapon! But has some pretty big flaws. So I give it a 7.8 on the Squirtle BW hastobedoneforredskin26Scale.

So I hope you enjoyed. Leave what secondarys you want to see and all that stuff. You know the drill. Anyway Primary review on Saturday. I know I take nominations but. I think that I need some help deciding on Saturdays gun. So which gun do you want to see? Uzi nominated by Kratos2144 and the Winters Howl by Asianz. I just threw in a random gun if you dont like the other suggestions. Its a gun I use quite often in WaW. I nominated. :)

What gun do you want next?

The poll was created at 19:38 on September 15, 2011, and so far 36 people voted.

Hope you all enjoy and vote. See yeah Saturday. DONT GET SHOTBlueguard

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