Its pretty clear. Black ops is not very popular with a high percentage of the gaming community. People say they wish they never bought it. They make very uncreative nicknames for it. They also swear to never play it. I myself am not a big fan of Call of Duty Black Ops. I still play it... a little. But why do people hate Black Ops so much? It probley is the worst game in the Modern CoD era (everything past CoD4). But the game isnt that terrible. It may be bad but I think people underrate Black Ops a little. Black Ops multiplayer is known for its very few advances, laggy connection and overuse of the AK-74u and FAMAS. People can complain all day about Black Ops multi but here are somethings I enjoy about it.

  • The pace of the game in multi is good
  • Wager matches are great
  • Custom emblem editor. (you know I dont mean all those inapropiate emblems) There are some really awesome emblems out there
  • Combat Training is good. Can improve but a good advance
  • Having 3 grenade slots. Equipment, Tactical and Lethal
  • No Deathstreaks
  • Prestige emblems look cool

Zombies mode is also really good but it has to be something that you like not everyone likes to gore undead for 3hrs. Zombies mode is also is supposably the best part of BO but some say its a step down from the classic zombies.

  • Plenty of maps.
  • A huge advance in the storylines of zombies
  • Lots of new weapons and perks
  • Lots of new enemy's as well
  • Cool easter eggs

I do not want to go into Campaign right now because its been a while since I've played it and dont remember the campaign in depth so I dont think it would be fair to review that.

What I'm trying to point out is Black Ops may have not been CoD's shining gem, but people make it out worse than it is. Thats just my opinion, leave yours in the comment box.

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