Any ideas for perks and killstreaks in MW3?

These are mine:


Tier 1


  1. Doubles starting ammo with extra magazines

  • Bandolier Pro

  1. Resupply ammo for primary and secondary weapons, and special/lethal from dead bodies


  1. Replace secondary weapon with another primary weapon or vice versa

  • Overkill Pro

  1. Allows you to replace special grenades with lethal grenades or vice versa


  1. Allows 2 attachments for primary weapon

  • Bling Pro

  1. Allows two attachments to secondary weapon
  2. OR Have 3 attachments to your primary weapon


  1. Invisible to enemy UAV

  • Camouflage Pro

  1. No red cross-hair or name when targeted.
  2. Invisible to thermal optics
  3. Enemy killstreaks will not attack you (except Dogs and Backup)

Bomb Squad

  1. Reduce explosive damage

  • Bomb Squad Pro

  1. Delay enemy claymore explosions
  2. Allows resetting of fuses on toss-back grenades
  3. Reduces shellshock effect

Tier 2


  1. Move 7% faster

  • Lightweight Pro

  1. Jump Higher
  2. No Fall Damage


  1. Hold Breath longer with scopes
  2. Reduced sway on scopes

  • Scout Pro

  1. Faster switching weapons
  2. Recover faster from a knife lunge

Sleight of Hand

  1. Faster reload

  • Sleight of Hand Pro

  1. Faster ADS for all weapons.
  2. Faster arming/disarming bombs by 5%


  1. Doubles Sprint Time

  • Marathon Pro

  1. Unlimited Sprint
  2. Climb ladders and objects faster


  1. One less kill for killstreaks

  • Hardline Pro

  1. Allows player to randomly choose another reward from Care Packages (once per Care Package)(doesn't include SAM Turrets and Sentry Gun)
  2. Killstreaks stack

Tier 3

Dead Silence

  1. Quiet movement

  • Dead Silence Pro

  1. Enemies will be heard louder.
  2. Player becomes completely silent


  1. Detect enemy equipment, and explosives

  • Hacker Pro

  1. Receive and then sabotage enemy Care Packages and booby trap them
  2. Turn enemy equipment friendly
  3. Invisible to Motion Sensors

Tactical Mask

  1. Protects against gases (ex. Nova, Tabun Gas)

  • Tactical Mask Pro

  1. Reduces the effects of enemy flashbangs and stun grenades
  2. Grenade indicator for special grenades
  3. Reveals general position of a flashed or stunned enemy


  1. Jams the enemy radar when they are close enough

  • Jammer Pro

  1. Carry one extra Lethal and Special grenade.
  2. Enemies can't see the player's shadow.
  3. Receive less damage from enemy killstreaks.

Steady Aim

  1. Increased hip-fire accuracy

  • Steady Aim Pro

  1. Decreases weapon draw time after sprinting
  2. Less flinch damage
  3. Reduced recoil


My wishlist ofr killstreaks in MW3
Kills Required Killstreak Reward Description
3 UAV Recon Deploys a UAV to scan the map and reveal enemy locations. (lasts 30 seconds)
4 SAM Turret Airdrop a placeable SAM turret that destroys aircraft.
4 Counter-UAV Deploys a UAV that disables the enemy's radar (lasts 30 seconds)
5 Airstrike Initiates an airstrike on a targeted area.
5 Care Package Airdrop a crate that contain random killstreak, Special Weapon, or Ammo.
6 Sentry Gun Airdrop a placeable Sentry Gun that shoots at the enemy
6 Predator Missile Fires a single controllable AGM Hellfire from a Predator Drone.
7 Attack Helicopter Deploys an attack helicopter armed with a single machine gun that flies around the map and attacks enemy players. Takes 2 missiles to destroy. (last for 45 seconds)
7 Harrier Strike Deploys a small airstrike from two Harriers followed by one that will hover over the designated area and attack enemies with its under-mounted turret (last 30 seconds)
8 Emergency Airdrop Airdrop 4 crates that contain a random killstreak, Special Weapon/Item, or Ammo.
8 Space Satellite Activates Navigation Satellite that reveals enemy positions and their direction on the mini-map. Also shows all enemy dogs, turrets, and aircrafts. (not destructible) (last 60 seconds)
9 Stealth Bomber Deploys a Stealth Bomber that is invisible to the enemy's radar. The bomber carpet bombs a specific line, designated by the player. Causes shellshock to all players close to the bombs.
9 Combat Chopper Deploys a helicopter (Pave Low, Cougar, etc) with multiple machine guns that flies around the map and attacks enemy players. (lasts 60 sec) (basically a better version of attack heli)
10 Chopper Gunner Deploys an attack helicopter, armed with a 25mm cannon, controlled by the player on the ground. The player can be killed on the ground. Takes 2 missiles to destroy. Weapon overheats. (last 45 seconds)
11 Attack Dogs Call in a pack of vicious attack dogs that hunt down enemy players and kill them in one to two hits. (lasts 60 seconds)
12 Gunship Pilot a destructible attack helicopter (Hind, Apache, etc). The pilot has rockets and a machine gun. Takes 2 missiles to destroy. Machine gun overheats. (last 45 seconds)
12 AC-130 Deploys a AC-130 gunship. It is equipped with a 25mm Gatling gun, 40mm cannon and a 105mm howitzer, each with an infinite amount of ammunition, but with reload times. (last 45 seconds) (Takes 3 missles to destroy)
15 Backup Call in a group of infantry men that come from a helicopter that can be shot down, to kill for you. (Better version of dogs) (last 60 seconds or until all of them dies)
15 EMP Deploys an electromagnetic pulse that destroys enemy killstreaks and disables enemies' HUDs, Radar and other electronic Attachments or Equipment that enemies may use. Also makes enemies' vision slightly blurry (last 60 seconds)

I am willing to change my chart and put your ideas up here (Only if I agree with it).

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