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    Custom Weapons

    May 1, 2012 by RemmeltFNFAL

    hey guys,

    i would really like to see something new in Call of Duty:

    Custom weapons. not like choose your attachements and camo, but really custom:

    No longer will there be a choice of M4 or M16, but you will chose your platform. in this case the AR-15. than you can unlock several upgrades, like different stock, with their own ups and downs, and many other things. so you can transform your standard AR-15 into an M4, M16 or C7/C8, or an HK416/417. with the scar you can go for the L or H, with the FAL you can go for 5.56 or 7.62, with the AK's you can go for 47, 74, or any other version. with the Submachine guns you can choose ammo types,(9mm, .40, .45 etc) and with pistols the same, allw ith different damage and recoil. it may be a bit over the …

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  • RemmeltFNFAL

    New wapons sorting

    August 15, 2011 by RemmeltFNFAL

    Hey, i've been thinking, and i came up with this:

    in the latest CoD games there were only a few semi auto assault rifles, and most of them were underused(G3,M14 and FAL) mostly because their damage is higher than the full auto rifles, but then their slow firing comes in so people use them less, now here;s my solution:

    make a rifle category:

    here will be all the rifles including what normallly would be sniper rifles:

    after a few kills (not too much, say 10-25) you will unlock a scope, and the more kills you make the more options there will be for these scopes: 4x zoom, 8x zoom, 12x zoom, night vision, infra red, adjustable scope.

    also, i think you should be able to chose the munition that your weapon will fire should be selectable:

    the FN SCAR: 5…

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  • RemmeltFNFAL

    Anon reductions:

    June 25, 2011 by RemmeltFNFAL


    im stsrting to notice that 4/5 of the anons arent actually contributing in placing comments, nor do they follow the rules on this wikia, therefore i suggest that anons cannot place comments( im sorry if you are the one that does place usefull comments but most of you are trolls so, no offense, and you should make an account if you want to help). i do not want to make anons 'read onyl'but there should be a section on the site where anons can place their suggestions or corrections, which then will have to be checked by admins or someone else(could be usefull for the pages blocked for editing too)

    Ramirez! 22:04, June 25, 2011 (UTC)


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  • RemmeltFNFAL


    June 19, 2011 by RemmeltFNFAL

    Why did treyarc tell everybody they reduced camping?


    Array: the powerline tower

    Cracked: the building with the small balcony

    Crisis: the water tower, the landing craft on the beach and the rocks, the platform that looks over the beach.

    Firing range: the small tower, the white building with the doors on both sides, the main building next to the tower

    Grid, one of the maps without infamous spots

    Hanoi: same as grid

    Havanna: the two building on both ends of the street, the hotel with white walls and the building on the other side

    Jungle: the rock, and the small building at the other end of the map

    Launch: the platforms inside the launch pad. steel beams aside the launch platform

    Nuketown, behind the fences next to the yellow house and the blue on …

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  • RemmeltFNFAL

    MW4 ideas

    June 4, 2011 by RemmeltFNFAL

    IF there will be a MW4 it hink it should focus on the civilians(see MW3 reveal trailer)

    you would have stealth missions: like steal weapons/vehicles, raid base, contact allied forces, smuggle persons across the lines. sabotage buildings, track enemy patrols, free prisoners

    you will use civilian weapons, like hunting rifles, shotguns, ride personal cars like vans etc. IED's

    anybody else?

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