Why did treyarc tell everybody they reduced camping?


Array: the powerline tower

Cracked: the building with the small balcony

Crisis: the water tower, the landing craft on the beach and the rocks, the platform that looks over the beach.

Firing range: the small tower, the white building with the doors on both sides, the main building next to the tower

Grid, one of the maps without infamous spots

Hanoi: same as grid

Havanna: the two building on both ends of the street, the hotel with white walls and the building on the other side

Jungle: the rock, and the small building at the other end of the map

Launch: the platforms inside the launch pad. steel beams aside the launch platform

Nuketown, behind the fences next to the yellow house and the blue on the same side, inside the houses

Radiation: i havent seen many campers, maybe in the tunnel or inside the room with the controls

Summit: the tower near that has to be accessed by using the catwalk inside the building,

Villa: the houses next to the flags or bombsites, the balcony of the main building, the small trench next to the garage near the pool.

WMD: the catwalk on the opposite side of the silos 1 and 2, the caltwalk on silos 1 and 2, the main building

Perks and equipment:

With ghost pro you are ivisble unless someone uses the blackbird(not seen much) with ninja you can hear enyone coming from miles away, and with warlord you can spray with your famas silenced extended mags.. with out beign noticed and kill with ease and you dont have to be accurate because you have 45 rounds and a silencer(thank god its being nerfed). and you dont need to have a sniper to have a ghillie suit so you can blend in(except for the urban maps)

Motion sensor: you can see anyone coming, and if they use hacker, they dont have ninja wich means you can hear them.

Claymore: its primary use: was made for camping.

Ramirez! 20:49, June 19, 2011 (UTC)


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