hey guys,

i would really like to see something new in Call of Duty:

Custom weapons. not like choose your attachements and camo, but really custom:

No longer will there be a choice of M4 or M16, but you will chose your platform. in this case the AR-15. than you can unlock several upgrades, like different stock, with their own ups and downs, and many other things. so you can transform your standard AR-15 into an M4, M16 or C7/C8, or an HK416/417. with the scar you can go for the L or H, with the FAL you can go for 5.56 or 7.62, with the AK's you can go for 47, 74, or any other version. with the Submachine guns you can choose ammo types,(9mm, .40, .45 etc) and with pistols the same, allw ith different damage and recoil. it may be a bit over the top, but i think this would really work since it lets you completely customize your loadout.

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