in my opinion there are a few sort of gamers in CoD:

  1. hte normal guy, plays with his favorite weapon, and complains about overpowerd others, even though he uses them himself(not always)
  2. the newbie, using low level weapons, and later on he abuses the famas aug or Ak74U
  3. the pro, can rape with any kind of weapon, but will mostly abuses the above
  4. the trickshooter, does anything for a 1080 noscope even if this means having a k/d of .001
  5. the camper, sits in a corner with a claymore, famas, leight of hand, ghost and dual mags
  6. my style, sort of camping, but i wont stay anywhere after i had more than 3 kills, with a L96 variable zoom.

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