Hey, i've been thinking, and i came up with this:

in the latest CoD games there were only a few semi auto assault rifles, and most of them were underused(G3,M14 and FAL) mostly because their damage is higher than the full auto rifles, but then their slow firing comes in so people use them less, now here;s my solution:

make a rifle category:

here will be all the rifles including what normallly would be sniper rifles:

after a few kills (not too much, say 10-25) you will unlock a scope, and the more kills you make the more options there will be for these scopes: 4x zoom, 8x zoom, 12x zoom, night vision, infra red, adjustable scope.

also, i think you should be able to chose the munition that your weapon will fire should be selectable:

the FN SCAR: 5.56 NATO and 7.62 Nato, the UMP: 9x19mm, .40SW and .45, and for the Glock: the same as the UMP but it should have the full auto attachement.

if you have any suggestions just comment

Ramirez! 22:55, August 15, 2011 (UTC)

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