• Resnov1997

    Thats me editing Call of Duty wiki.

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  • Resnov1997

    This is what i think would be the story of Modern Warfare 3.


    Day 1, 2016

    Cpt. 'Soap' Mactavish

    You'll start out a few hours from Endgame in the little Bird with Price and Nikolai. Captain Price gives you an aid kid and tells you it's going to be alright. Nikolai will say that they're flying to his safehouse in Afghanistan. The screen will fades to black. Now Nikolai lands the chopper in an abandoned Base. The player will come out the chopper with Price and follow Nikolai to a structure that looks like a shooting course. You will pass a small airfield with a C-130 and a Pave Low near in. After inside the shooting course, Nikolai will hand you an AK-47 and you will run the default shooting tutorial to make sure you'll alright. Then you …

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