This is what i think would be the story of Modern Warfare 3.


Mission 1 : S.O.S. (stands for Same Old Shit )

Day 1, 2016

Cpt. 'Soap' Mactavish

You'll start out a few hours from Endgame in the little Bird with Price and Nikolai. Captain Price gives you an aid kid and tells you it's going to be alright. Nikolai will say that they're flying to his safehouse in Afghanistan. The screen will fades to black. Now Nikolai lands the chopper in an abandoned Base. The player will come out the chopper with Price and follow Nikolai to a structure that looks like a shooting course. You will pass a small airfield with a C-130 and a Pave Low near in. After inside the shooting course, Nikolai will hand you an AK-47 and you will run the default shooting tutorial to make sure you'll alright. Then you will go to to an obstacle course. Price will run the course in 58 seconds (If you run the course less than 1 minute you'll get an achievement). This is a much harder course that features planting and defusing bombs, breaching, GLs, mounted MGs, claymores, C4s, sniping, grenades and a hand-to-hand combat with Price. Later, Nikolai will tell you that the other 141 members is arrested or killed and you must recruit them all. The mission will ends.

Act 1

Mission 2 : The New resistance to Work(Note : This mission takes place in New York=New Work)

Day 1, 2017

SgtMaj. James Ramirez

This mission is just some kind of the prolouge of the game on how the Rangers rebuild and fight back. Foley (Captain), Dunn(Leutenant), and Ramirez(Sergeant Major) will be promoted. This mission is pretty much a combination of The Coup(MW1) and Ring of Steel(WaW). The objective is to push back the Russian out of New York. You'll start in a chopper along with Cpt. Foley, Lt. Dunn, and a random soldier. There will be many tanks, choppers, and planes here like a liberation. You are handed a M14 EBR and Foley will tell you to shoot some sniper and RPG-wielding enemy on the rooftops of the skyscrapers. Once done, all choppers will land and you'll be fighting through the streets of New York. The enemies are so many, but they are weak, coward, and are running away. You will use an M4 Grenadier w/ holographic and a Striker. In some point, you will breach a building or use your M203 to shoot enemies from windows. Later, you will get to the chopper and fly to The Liberty Statue. Many chopper will start firing their MG to it and you will land. Take down as many as Russian you find, push through the upper statue, and claim your victory at the top of the Liberty Statue. You will see many allied jets fly and your teammates will yell in victory and shooting their guns to the air. Foley will say," Imagine, next week we will fly to Moscow." and Dunn will reply with Oorah! The mission will end.

Mission 3 : The Art of Killing

Day 2, 2017

SgtMaj. James Ramirez

This Ranger mission objective is to eliminate any resistance you'll find near Philadelphia. You'll start out in the humvee turret in a convoy and Foley will order you to shoot any Russian you see. Just keep shooting until your humvee is blown by a RPG from a building. You must call an airstrike to destroy the building. You will then get inside the ruins to search for any survivors to question. They're all dead so your squad will get out of the building and start fighting their way to a museum. Later you will breach the museum and eliminate any strangelers. After that you will breach a room an found an Russian officer to be questioned. The survivor will tell that in a few hours America will be Nucleared and the location of Makarov's safehouse. The mission will ends.

Mission 4 : Enemy of the State

Day 2, 2017

Cpt. 'Soap' Mactavish

This mission objective is to free some of the 141 members in a hidden Shadow Company central base in the North pole. Soap and Price parachuted from Nikolai's C-130 and starts the action. This mission is a stealth mission. You'll use a silenced MP5 RDS and an silenced an silenced USP '45 with TacKnife. Price will tell you to follow him. They will reach a power plant and and blows it. They will then get inside the prison silently. Price will do some melee action (Just like the Oi Susy to MacMillan and inside the hangar to Soap). The two will find the prison is full with prisoners, but all of them are Russian. They proceed to the basement and they will finda 141 member named 'Blade' with their MultiCam suit interrogated by an enemy (in here, enemy is referred to Shadow Company). Price will tell Soap to flashbang them and kill them silently. Price will question Blade and he will tell that the rest of the 141 is near here but 3 is already executed. So Price handed him a M1911 and proceed to find allies. Unfortunately they've been compromised and they will run along the basement hall, killing enemies until they reached the end of the hall with only one door. Soap will breach the door and will find the rest of the 141 members. Price call Nikolai for transport and Nikolai will reply how many are you. Price will reply a dozen and Nikolai starts confused. They will get out of the basement into the upper levels of the prison. Then they come to an armory. The 141 members will pick up any weapons, Soap will pick up set up explosive and breach to next room, a command center. They will kill the enemies and Soap will collect intel and set explosive to it. Then they breach to a landing pad. Nikolai will land an enemy transport chopper and will say," I swapped my Little Bird with this thing. This thing rocks!" They will get to the chopper and the mission will ends.

Mission 5 : The Escape

Day 3, 2017

Dimitri Petrenko (that's right. Easter egg)

The opening video of this level will show that the Shadow Company leader is replaced by William Cullen, the SecDef from MW2. He loses many billions from Shepherd (the blank check) and blames Makarov for this. He got intel from Foley about Makarov's safehouse and planing to execute him. In this cinematic mission, you will control Pvt. Dimitri Petrenko. You'll start in Makarov's safehouse somewhere in Rio de Janiero. You will be in a room with Makarov and two ultranationalist. The two ultranationalists are browsing a laptop and speak russian to Makarov. Makarov will say desperetly say "Get ready." You will use a not-minied Uzi and a . Suddenly the room starts to shake and the frontdoor will be breached by Shadow Company. The two ultranationalist will be shooted and Makarov will get up and fire rounds of Uzi at the door. He will told you that the extraction will come in 10 minutes and that they should leave now. You will get up and run to the front door and kill any enemy he sees. Keep running until you are surounded and you will meet Cullen. Cullen will spit at Makarov and Makarov will punch him in the head. The Shadow Company will react but Cullen tells them to cease fire and Makarov will be transported to D.C. and will be executed in National television in the Washington Monument in public. He leaves then you and Makarov will get to a humvee and SC(Shdow Company) will tie your and Makarov's hand. Later in the humvee, Makarov will say S Nami Bog and slit the rope that ties him into the drivers neck and tell Viktor to drive. You will drive along the streets of Rio with many civilians (of course, you can hit them all) you will crash (by story) and you will climb to the slums of Rio. You will run and jump the rooftops until there is a tall tower. You will climb it like in Cliffhanger but you will stuck because there is a big gap. Makarov will try to climb you to the rooftop and sucseded. He jumped to the extraction chopper. You will jump too and limb to the choppers ladder. The pilot says he cannot move until you're inside the chopper. Makarov will say "Sacrafices must be made and will stomp your finger until you fall to death. The mission will ends.

Mission 6 : Good-old Chernobyl

Day 4, 2017

Sgt. Jonathan 'Blade' Mason

In this mission video, Cullen will broadcast to tell that America will be nucleared and all civilians to remain alert, Rangers are on the move in search of the warheads. Nikolai will tell Price that the Russians are buying nuclear from one place. Chernobyl. You will play as Sgt. Jonathan 'Blade' Mason ; The 141 that is interrogated and saved by Price and Soap. Price, Blade and Soap will use ghillie suits and infiltrate the outskirts of Chernobyl. They will suddenly found out that Chernobyl is the new Makarov's safehouse and the Russians are buying nuclears from Japanese execs. The place will be filled with Juggernauts, ghillie-suit snipers, and riot shield carrying-troopers(note:they are much easier to kill than in Spec Ops). Price tells Soap and Blade to go to his old sniping position at the hotel to snipe Makarov from there. The hotel is heavily guarded and turns out Makarov is not there instead The First Horsemen is inside (his name is Yusuf Ahmed but Soap and the others don't know.) He faked his death to help Makarov from MW1 and now the leader of OpFor. They decided to storm the building. You will fight your way to the top floor along with Price and Soap. In the top floor, you will find the horsemen talking to some Japanese execs. Price will throw a flashbang and told you to tie the Japanese hands. Suddenly the ultranationalist will come upstairs and attack Price while Yusuf will melee Soap and you will have to choose who to save. If you save Price, they will both survive and will secure the Horsemen, but if you save Soap, they both will be shot in the leg by the Ultranationalist's fire and you will enter a hand-to-hand combat with Yusuf . After that, either way, Nikolai and the other 141s will come in a chopper from the top floor for extraction. The First Horsemen will jump from the building with a parachute get away and you will carry the Japanese execs to the chopper and get the hell outa there.

Act 2

Mission 7 : Sure It Matters Who Has The Biggest Stick

Day 4, 2017

Cpl. Richard Patterson

This mission is simply awesome because you get to control a fighter jet (any american jet, i don't know any jet). You will be fighting in the North Pacific Ocean. You will first spawn in a barracks in a carrier. You will come out the room and get into the jet and flies. Overlord will fill you in the jet and tell you to shoot any enemy jet you see. Keep shooting and shooting and shooting (I know what you're thinking. Its boring, but it isn't. Its a long and awesome part. Overlord will talk all the way and you get to see massive artillery armada of American marines killing Russians. There will be hundreads of allied jets and so are the enemies with heavy explotion details). Eventualy you will see land (East Russia) get will shot by enemy AA and crash in the water. You will later saved by some allies in a boat and get to shore. He will give you a XM8(new weapon) and kill any enemies and you and your allies will get to a supermarket, a big one and filled with enemies. After killing every Russian in th Supermarket, enemy bombers will destroy the supermarket and you will buried alive.

Mission 8 : The Great No Russian Battle

Day 5, 2017

SgtMaj. James Ramirez

This mission is set on Moscow as a part of the invasion force and will be set on Zakhaev's international Airport. The objective is to secure, not kill, every civilians and security and plant a flag on top of it. You will start in a chopper with Lt. Dunn and Cpt. Foley using gas masks. You will rappel down to the front gate of the airport and will begin to enter the airport. It will be very crowded. You will proceed upstairs until you are in the top of the airport. Foley will tell Dunn to plant the flag and he did. Then Dunn will say "This is easy. I was hoping a kind of fighting with the Russians." Foley will reply "I think there's an ambush party around here." Suddenly F.S.B.s will come al around the airport, APCs, choppers, Tanks, everything. Overlord will say that air support is on way. They will have to fight on top of the airport. Kill everything, leave none. Then the air support will arrive consisting two containers, one is 3 Sentry gun, a predator laptop, and 3 Javelins. The other is a weapon stash consisting : M4A1, SCAR-H, XM8, AKM, FAL, G36, M240, Striker, SPAS-12, ACR, M16, RPG, MP5k, MP5,Thumper, M14 EBR, M24 sniper rifle, Barret, Glock 17, M9, M1911 (new skin), Glock 18, and a ammo box. You also have the ability to call airstrikes. Suddenly you will be in a heavy battle and it will be very fun. First you are told by Foley to get to the and fire enemies from a distance. Then you and the rest of the squad will pick up Javelins and RPGs and fire at choppers and tanks and APCs. Then you are told that enemise are in the roof and you should kill them all. Now you get to control a predator. After that riot shield enemies will come and you should kill them with a thumper. Reinforcements will arrive: M1A1 Abrams tank, Pave lows with rangers coming out, and 2 black op sniper squad will cover you. Kill everything. Once you done that, get to the chopper and watch the big guys rolling in (Abrams tank, about 100 and some jets, 50 jets). Then you will control a mini gun and kill any resistance. Then you will arrive at St. Basil. Kill everything and climb atop of St. Basil. Plant the american flag, pop green smoke. Everything will be okay. Mission over.

Mission 9 : Out Of The Cage

Day 5, 2017

Sgt. Jonathan "Blade" Mason

In this mission Price will interogate Ahmed in the safehouse. Soap, Nikolai and Blade will be watching. Suddenly,

Mission 10 : Global Thermonuclear War

Day 6, 2017

SgtMaj. James Ramirez

This mission will be set around atlay mountains to capture a nuclear facility. First you will spawn with Dunn and Foley and 10 NPCs with icepicks and climb to the base. After that, switch to your XM8 and start the silent capture begin with bblowing the electric fence. Get inside and kill any ultranationalist.

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