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  • ReyesRebels

    Ghost in MW3

    August 3, 2011 by ReyesRebels

    So people think ghost isn't really dead, well he is. However there is a LARGE chance he will be in a flashback mission in MW3. Remember those "screenshots" shown earlier in the year, before the thing. The photos are on this wiki and are in a blog post. (i forget which one, someone will remember.) I think he will return yet again, as a flashback. I shall try to find the blog post, I could use some assisstance. Any thoughts or questions so people who think ghost isn't dead or will be returning can talk here.


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  • ReyesRebels

    I am trying to think of a password that Smaxis (samantha maxis) and Erichtofen (richtofen) are using on the terminal computer. Could anyone think of anything? I could use a hand. And I may have an Idea for (or a fraction of) Takeo's password: N3WB.

    Some Ideas so far...

    no ideas yet...

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  • ReyesRebels

    Y'know how halo has action figures and shirts right? well I think COD's Zombie mode should too.

    Post shirt ideas below.

    Here we could have treyarch get more money. With this merchandise AND not to activision.

    Action figure Ideas

    Richtofen: (pre-ascension) comes with wunderwaffe dg-2, Thundergun and HS-10

    Tank: Bowie knife, ray gun, M1911.

    Nazi zombie and crawler

    Russian zombie

    Takeo: (post-kino) Katana, G115.

    Nikolai: sickle, FN FAL, PPSh-41.


    JFk-China lake, CZ-75

    Mcnmara?-Stakeout with grip, winters howl, grenade.

    Nixon-dual wield HS10s, bowie knife

    Castro-bowie knife, python, Galil.

    COTD characters

    Romero-stage light

    Gellar- sickle, AK-74u

    Englund-Commando, AUG

    Trejo- VR-11, MPL

    Rooker-Death machine, claymore.

    I might have playsets. (including ascensi…

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  • ReyesRebels

    Okay, You get to choose between the five characters and the COTD ones.. You start in a dark room, the lights are off. you must turn on the power.In this room is an M14 and an Olympia. Once you exit, there is another gun, the STG-44, and the dual weilded CZ-75. Another room, with a giant teddy bear has a bowie knife and a sickle. The next room over from that contains the mystery box.

    MB weapons:

    Pitchfork, Ak-47, M60, MG42, Monkey Bomb, Ray gun, WunderWaffe-dg2, Winters howl, the new gun from COTD and any other wonder weapon, Fn FAL and the RPK.

    The room with the power is very small and contains alot of toys, here you can obtain the Claymore or bouncing betty. The next and final room is very Large, UIt has a mode of transport(wind up car) andt…

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  • ReyesRebels

    New ww2 game

    March 15, 2011 by ReyesRebels


    Soviet:PPSH-41, Mosin-Nagant, TT-33, RGD-33, NR-40, SVT-40, DP-28, PTRS-41, MachetE.

    American: M19.11, M1 Garand, Thompson, MK2, M3, Ka-Bar, Springfield, B.A.R, M1919, Browning auto-5, Trench gun, Bazooka, M2 Flamethrower,1903 Hammerless(multiplayer only)M1 Carbine, Mortar.

    British: Sten MKII, Lee-enfeild, Lewis Gun, Webley revolver, Mills Bomb, Fairbain Sykes, NO.74 grenade, Bren, PIAT

    German-MP40, StG-44, Flammenwerfer 41, MP28, Kampfesser 42, MG42, Fg-42, G43, KAR98K, Walther p38, Panzerschrek, Panzerfaust, Luger P08, Mauser c-96, Bouncing Betty, M24, PPK.

    Japanese-Arisaka 99, Type 30 bayonet, Type 100, type 99, Type 93 flamethrower, Kiska, Shin Gunto, NAmbu type 14, Type 97.

    Italy-Bomba a Mano 42, Carcano M1891, Beretta 1935, Berett…

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