Black ops movayy

Mason:Jude law

Hudson: bruce willis

reznov: gary oldman

Petrenko:Anton Chekin

Nevski and vorkuta prisoner:neil gamburg

Sergei and Russian soldier: Alexsandr Fyodorov

Steiner:Viktor Giacobbo

Kravchenko:Igor Jinike

Dragovich:Oleg Yankovsky

Tvelin: Sergey Lazarov

VC Bookie: Ken Jeong

fidel Castro:Andy Garcia

Kennedy:Clive owen

Weaver:Oleg Taktarov

Woods:Gerard Butler

Bowman: Ice cube

Brooks:Neil patrick harris

Clarke:Simon Bowman.

Nazi Zombie extras:

Dempsey:Matt damon

Nikolai:Leonoid Tarmolink

Takeo: abe hiroshi

Richtofen: Christoph waltz

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