Okay, You get to choose between the five characters and the COTD ones.. You start in a dark room, the lights are off. you must turn on the power.In this room is an M14 and an Olympia. Once you exit, there is another gun, the STG-44, and the dual weilded CZ-75. Another room, with a giant teddy bear has a bowie knife and a sickle. The next room over from that contains the mystery box.

MB weapons:

Pitchfork, Ak-47, M60, MG42, Monkey Bomb, Ray gun, WunderWaffe-dg2, Winters howl, the new gun from COTD and any other wonder weapon, Fn FAL and the RPK.

The room with the power is very small and contains alot of toys, here you can obtain the Claymore or bouncing betty. The next and final room is very Large, UIt has a mode of transport(wind up car) andthree guns: Mp40, Vodka Bottle and the Commando. At round 50, If you make it, there is a final boss. Samantha. She attacks you with Zombies, Hellhounds, Monkeys, the pentagon theif and, crawler zombies.If you defeat theem all, samantha must be defeated. You must stop her from destroying the world. (IDK how to do this next part you decide) after (your decision) samantha is free and may rest in peace, But four other men won't. The Original zombie characters. as zombies.

In order from weakest to strongest

Nikolai(he is slow and cumbersome, and drunk)

Tank His weakness is that he can be attracted by a monkey bomb, and even though he is strong, a headshot will kill him

Takeo he has a freaking sword!!!!

Richtofen He takes alot of bullets and is the fastest, he kills in one hit(like takeo) and Once richtofen is dead(all the characters come in order) Everything reverts to normal, thus ending zombie mode :(

BTW this takes place in well, the void, but with doors and such. Because it's in the void, things shift around and get mixed up alot, the rooms switch, get flipped or rotated. it also has a tower with turrets that can be activated.

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