Soviet:PPSH-41, Mosin-Nagant, TT-33, RGD-33, NR-40, SVT-40, DP-28, PTRS-41, MachetE.

American: M19.11, M1 Garand, Thompson, MK2, M3, Ka-Bar, Springfield, B.A.R, M1919, Browning auto-5, Trench gun, Bazooka, M2 Flamethrower,1903 Hammerless(multiplayer only)M1 Carbine, Mortar.

British: Sten MKII, Lee-enfeild, Lewis Gun, Webley revolver, Mills Bomb, Fairbain Sykes, NO.74 grenade, Bren, PIAT

German-MP40, StG-44, Flammenwerfer 41, MP28, Kampfesser 42, MG42, Fg-42, G43, KAR98K, Walther p38, Panzerschrek, Panzerfaust, Luger P08, Mauser c-96, Bouncing Betty, M24, PPK.

Japanese-Arisaka 99, Type 30 bayonet, Type 100, type 99, Type 93 flamethrower, Kiska, Shin Gunto, NAmbu type 14, Type 97.

Italy-Bomba a Mano 42, Carcano M1891, Beretta 1935, Beretta 1938, Breda modello 30, Kitchen Knife.

French Resistance: Mas 36, Mle 1935, Mills bomb, SteilhandGranate, Bren, Sten MKII, Mas 38, Trench Knife. Perks:

tier 1: hardline, scavenger, flak jacket, lightweith, Ghost(get ready for the flames)

tier 2: Bouncing betty x3, juggernaut, sleight of hand, Rapid fire(double tap) Marathon tier 3:Bazooka x2, shades, deep inmact, second chance, martydom.

Killstreaks: Supply drop(care package), recon plane, airstrike, kamikazie strike(japanese only), carpet bomber(germany only)katyusha rocket strike(russians) b-17 strike(americans)

Write your ideas for Levels below.

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