Y'know how halo has action figures and shirts right? well I think COD's Zombie mode should too.

Post shirt ideas below.

Here we could have treyarch get more money. With this merchandise AND not to activision.

Action figure Ideas

Richtofen: (pre-ascension) comes with wunderwaffe dg-2, Thundergun and HS-10

Tank: Bowie knife, ray gun, M1911.

Nazi zombie and crawler

Russian zombie

Takeo: (post-kino) Katana, G115.

Nikolai: sickle, FN FAL, PPSh-41.


JFk-China lake, CZ-75

Mcnmara?-Stakeout with grip, winters howl, grenade.

Nixon-dual wield HS10s, bowie knife

Castro-bowie knife, python, Galil.

COTD characters

Romero-stage light

Gellar- sickle, AK-74u

Englund-Commando, AUG

Trejo- VR-11, MPL

Rooker-Death machine, claymore.

I might have playsets. (including ascension, kino and der reise but only certain parts ex: mainframe)

So what do you think? should these Ideas (and the shirts) be put on the market. Don't forget to add shirt ideas.

Playsets: each has their own perk a cola

Der reise: The mainframe with PAP machine, and the rest of the courtyard, with juggernog machine.

Kino: The stage area, with double tap and speed cola machines.

Ascension: The rocket area. with lunar lander and PHD flopper.

Five: with pentagon theif, quick revive and it has the war room section. MP5K included.

Call of the dead- Lighthouse with scavenger, Deadshot and, camera.

and shi no numa. with the zipline area, mystery box and a hellhound and an imperial zombie.

might have more.

each figure is 1:18 scale (GI joe size) and built similar to forces of valor soldiers by unimax. with the same amount of points of articulation, these are just little zombie slayers!

Also: fluffy plush doll

Bloodie teddie bear

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