Hello fellow editors,

As you know, the First strike map pack is to be released in Feb 2011 for the Xbox360. Other consoles will recieve the MP at a later date. But what has struck me as odd is the new zombie map: Ascension. What does that mean? Ascend from where; or who? Even more to it, will it even be NAZI zombies? I mean, any nazi zombie map there has been, it has the title wrote in German. Look...

Natch der Untoten (Night of the Undead)

Verruckt (Crazy or Insane)

Der Reise (The Giant)

Kino der Toten (Theater of the dead)

And to add to that, they were all placed in and around Germany (Well, the most of them)

Natch der Untoten: Unknowen, But with the German music and German writing easter eggs, it is safe to say it is based in Germany)

Verruckt: Wittenau Sanatorium, Berlin, Germany

Der Reise: Near Breslau, Germany

Kino der Toten: Takes place somewhere in West Berlin

So, What story would you most like to see in the new map pack? A continuation of the Group 935 story? Or another installment of the JFK story?

In the mean time, keep on pumping piping hot lead into them zombies!


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