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  • Richto-San

    So here are a few suggestions I've made for Zombies mode. It would've been awesome if Treyarch took our suggestions, though. I'll be adding more as I come up with some.

    • Chimera's Breath: A medium-weight cannon which shoots acid containing vials that create nova gas-like acid clouds (lasting as long) that acts like an electroshock trap. It has 4 in the magazine, 20 spare. If you shoot a vial after one trap is still active, the new trap's time is the former's halved (ex: 1st shot = 60 secs, right? 2nd Shot with 1st still active active = 30 secs; 3rd shot with 2nd still active = 15' secs; 4th shot with 3rd still active = 7 and 1/2 secs), and the impact of the vial's explosion can kill zombies, too. When pack-a-punched, it becomes the Chimera's Ro…

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  • Richto-San

    Ray Gun or Thundergun? It's long been debate for which weapon is better. People like the Ray Gun because it's convenient and has a good capacity, and the Thundergun for its immense power and destructive capabilities. But which weapon is more of a priority and more important?

    • Ray Gun - Full Auto, lightweight, 20/160 capacity, splash damage, infinite range until it hits something, 1000 damage, Pack-a-Punch = Porter's X2 Ray Gun - 40/200 capacity
    • Thundergun- Semi-Auto, medium weight, 2/12 capacity, wide area, medium range, extremely high damage, Pack-a-Punch = ZeusCannon - 4/24 capacity

    So which is really better, more convenient, more of a priority? We could say it's just better to have both ^_^

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  • Richto-San

    This is my solo strategy for Call of Duty: Black Ops Zombies Mode's map, Kino der Toten. I hope it helps.

    Round 1 - Buy the Quick Revive first before a weapon. Shoot each zombie four times then knife. If any zombie happens to get out of a barricade, shoot it to death. Knifing zombies that have broken in is unwise because knifing will make you automatically receive a power-up that it drops, which is a waste of potential.

    Round 2 - Buy the M14, because it has more ammo and gets more points because it's weaker than the Olympia. If you still have ammo for the M1911, use a whole magazine on each zombie then knife. When you run out, use the M14 to shoot each zombie once then knife. If zombies break in and there are still many, shoot each zombie twi…

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