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Ray Gun or Thundergun?

Ray Gun or Thundergun? It's long been debate for which weapon is better. People like the Ray Gun because it's convenient and has a good capacity, and the Thundergun for its immense power and destructive capabilities. But which weapon is more of a priority and more important?


  • Ray Gun - Full Auto, lightweight, 20/160 capacity, splash damage, infinite range until it hits something, 1000 damage, Pack-a-Punch = Porter's X2 Ray Gun - 40/200 capacity
  • Thundergun- Semi-Auto, medium weight, 2/12 capacity, wide area, medium range, extremely high damage, Pack-a-Punch = ZeusCannon - 4/24 capacity

So which is really better, more convenient, more of a priority? We could say it's just better to have both ^_^

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