So here are a few suggestions I've made for Zombies mode. It would've been awesome if Treyarch took our suggestions, though. I'll be adding more as I come up with some.

Wonder Weapons

  • Chimera's Breath: A medium-weight cannon which shoots acid containing vials that create nova gas-like acid clouds (lasting as long) that acts like an electroshock trap. It has 4 in the magazine, 20 spare. If you shoot a vial after one trap is still active, the new trap's time is the former's halved (ex: 1st shot = 60 secs, right? 2nd Shot with 1st still active active = 30 secs; 3rd shot with 2nd still active = 15' secs; 4th shot with 3rd still active = 7 and 1/2 secs), and the impact of the vial's explosion can kill zombies, too.

    Chimera's Breath. Idea by me, image by EpiKc. Check out his wonder weapon ideas in his user blog!

    When pack-a-punched, it becomes the Chimera's Roar, which turns its cloud red, gives it a bit more magazine size (5/25) extends some trap time (1st = 1 min 40 secs; 2nd w/1st actv. = 50 secs; 3'rd w/' 2nd actv. = 25 secs; 4th w/ 3rd actv. 12 and 1/2 secs; 5th w/ 4th actv. = 6 secs 25 ms), and will now allow anyone on the team (except the user of the weapon) to walk safely through the cloud (which makes it like a door through hordes). Only one player can have it at a time.
  • Rail Gun: A sniper-like cannon (no scope, only iron sights) that shoots blue laser beams through zombies. It has a capacity of 10/200 To balance its ability and capacity, it has a damage level of 1200 only. When pack-a-punched, it becomes the VL-4D Cannon (reference to Vlad the Impaler, because it "impales" zombies), its laser becomes red, its capacity becomes 20/400, and it has 2400 damage.
  • Pocket Nuke: Acts like the nuke power up. Instead of throwing it, you slam it. Max 1 nuke, taking the Tactical Grenade space. No priming time.


  • Everlast Elixir: When you get downed, it lets you keep all the perks you had before you bought Everlast Elixir, so it's wisest to buy all the perks you want first. Costs the total of all the perks you had before buying it.
  • Ambidexjuice: Allows you to throw two lethals at once. Since it's not that useful it only costs 1750 points.
  • Demonade: It doesn't do anything with ultimate power but it does double your damage. Costs 4550.
  • Muscle Malt: Allows you to use your non-pistol type weapons while you're downed. Costs 3200.


  • Ground Zero:
"A few Nuclear Reactors in Fukushima have exploded, demolishing the city and scattering the radiation around the area! What dangers lurk in these ruins? Watch your back."
— Map Description

This map takes place in ruins of a nuclear power plant. The meltdown was caused because after scientists were able to create an enhanced acid solution to be placed in a cannon (combining acid with Element 115), they attempted to increase the nuclear power by infusing the nuclear reactors with the element, which instead overloaded them. Because of the radiation, there are surely gas zombies, and it also created "stalkers", which are zombies that play dead, but when you're not looking, they come from behind, attacking you. When they chase you, you could tell because they still make zombie grunts. To activate the two teleporters, you have to initiate a surviving plant's power supply, link the two teleporters to the mainframe. They both lead into the Pack-a-Punch tower, which you can stay for as long as you like, but it's cramped and zombies will start climbing it after 30 secs. To get back, you have to interact with a switch which teleports you back to the mainframe. The teleporters still take 2 mins. to cool down. The new wonder weapons here are the Chimera's Breath and Pocket Nuke, and the new perks are Everlast Tequila and Ambidexjuice. There is no boss round.

  • Auslaufstand:
"Could this be the end of our four survivors? It's time to make your final stand in a war-torn underground facility! She's waiting..."
— Map Description

This level is an underground research facility, where remnants of Group 935 conducted further research on Element 115 and its capabilities. Later as you progress through the stage, you emerge from underground. Underground, there are only three rooms. The spawn room, and the two doors leading to the left room (operation facility) and the right room (chemical laboratory), both of which have elevators. To resurface, you must use 250 points to operate an elevator into the upper ground. In the upper ground, you can find several ruined buildings, three of which have doors that only open when five power switches (located in a power plant) are used. The three buildings contain teleporters going underground that don't need to be linked, but still cool down for 2 minutes. Only when all teleporters are used does it reveal the Pack-a-Punch machine, which is in the spawn room underground. After 30 seconds of the Pack-a-Punch machine's presence, the Pack-a-Punch machine goes back down into the ground. The boss round is what you've all been waiting for — the battle against Samantha. You don't get to kill her, though. At the beginning of the round, the hellhound music plays, rain and lightning come, and she descends from the sky, laughing. She continuously summons hordes of zombies until you do enough damage to her. When you do, she disappears in a bolt of lightning, screaming, which also reveals a nuke power-up, which you need to get to kill the remaining zombies and get a Max Ammo and Fire Sale. If you don't, you have to kill the remaining zombies and they only drop a Max Ammo. The new wonder weapon is the Rail Gun, and the new perks are Demonade and Muscle Malt.

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