• RichtofenDerVerruckt

    It has come to me that Richtofen and Samantha are the two villions if you what to say of Treyarch's Nazi Zombie mode in Call of Duty: World at War, and Black Ops. Now out of all of the games I love to play,Zombies has the most fasanating story line ever. and also the two people im talking about are also as intursting or more. but what I cant deside is Who is Better or more Evil? Samantha Maxis who uses the Zombies from the Griffin Base on the moon to get Revenge on group 935 and all who help them for her fathers death, or is it the Sociopathic Schizoprenic mainiac Edward Richtofen who just wants world distruction and domance(not to mention his spline abssetion! lol)? What do my fellow gamers and anybody elsewho enjoy this game think?

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