To those who have Call of Duty: Black Ops III, I want to tell you about something I noticed recently. If you go into the Social menu (I think that's what it's called, the one that has your friends list, recently-played-with players list, and groups list) and view a recently-played-with player or online friend that is playing Local with a second or possibly even third or fourth player, who do not have online accounts and thus have their real names or whatever name they chose being used as their names, then you will be able to see those second, or third, or fourth players' names - yes, even if those second or third or fourth players don't have online accounts, you can see whatever name they're using. Now I'm not positive about this, because the second person I saw playing in Local with the online player just had the name "Guest1" so they might've just been playing as a guest, or I might be wrong and it just lists their names as "Guest#" rather than using the names they chose, but either way I thought I should warn you all about this just in case. Also, note that I only know about this on PlayStation 4, this may not apply to other game consoles or PC. If anyone has any further info about this and knows whether I'm wrong or not or any other info about this, please do leave that info in the comments so I know and everyone else knows. I hope you all use this info for good. I also hope I explained all of this clearly, and I hope that I will have helped some of you with this - or better yet, that this will not matter for you.

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