I wanted to sincerely apologize to everyone here for my activity going down by a lot over the past year, and moreover the low amount of activity I've had here over the past few months. I'm not comfortable with discussing all of my reasons why I've been less active, but one part of it is that I found that I was spending a little too much time on Wikia as a whole before. I did this since I don't and didn't get on many days of the week, but it started to seem like I needed to tone it down some. Another thing is, to be honest, probably, is laziness. At times I've had the chance to get on but didn't take it; sometimes at least in part because I thought I shouldn't be on here too much, other times purely just not feeling like getting on.

Anyway though, I thought I should apologize at least, I feel bad not getting on and helping out at times, but at the same time I should keep my time on here in moderation. Therefore, while I will try to get on more on the days I get on, I still need to try not to be on too much. I will likely not get back to the amount of activity I was doing in, say, 2014, but hopefully I can at least be on here a little more and get more stuff done. Anyway, thank you all very much if you read all of this, or even if you just skimmed through it; I appreciate you all listening to me.

P.S.: an extra thank you to Didikins for inspiring me to make this blog with his blog regarding his activity.

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