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  • Roach141

    AK47 Review

    September 16, 2011 by Roach141

    Hey guys hope u all enjoy

    Fully automatic, all purpose rifle. Excellent power and good even when silenced (shocking right?). Rarely seen online due to very high unlock level. Heavily modified from the AK from the first Modern Warfare, it still retains its sturdy, rugged reputation online. Akward iron sights are not removed even when Red Dot or Holographic sights are equipped. More powerful than the MW1 and Black Ops AK47s, all while being not as accurate as the other two. More recoil than the other two but seemingly the favorite AK out of the three. Every attachment except Thermal has a negative effect on the AK.

    See how different they are?

    Hope u all enjoyed please comment and let me know if I missed anything important in this review.

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  • Roach141

    MG4 Review

    September 16, 2011 by Roach141

    Hey guys hope u all enjoy this review. I decided to do this one because I recently started using the MG4 online and loved it, funny cause I am First Prestige level 70 and I just started using it.

    Excellent close, medium, and even long range support weapon. High rate of fire makes up for the somewhat low damage. Basically this is the Light Machine Gun version of the ACR, Accurate, Somewhat weak, high rate of fire. Tied with the RPD for longest reload time in MW2, ten seconds.

    Unlike other Light Machine Guns the rounds are held in a bag instead of a mag like the AUG HBAR, a drum like the L86 LSW and the RPD, and a case like the M240.

    Sorry the review wasnt very long I havent had much time to do reviews lately please comment.

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  • Roach141

    Scar-H Review

    September 15, 2011 by Roach141

    Hey guys I have not done any reviews in a while sorry for the wait. This time its the Scar-H.

    A great rifle at medium to long range. Low recoil and great damage is great for running and gunning and camping. A good sniper-ish rifle with Thermal Scope and ACOG Scope. Powerful even with Silencer (hard to believe right?). One of the very few problems is the twenty round mag and the low ammo ammount without Scavenger. Slighty akward iron sights but the upside is that they are very easy to use unlike the Tar-21's. Low rate of fire compared with great damage makes it a modern MP40. Cool reload sequence, the mag falls out and you put the new mag in then smack a button on the side of the rifle.


    1. Great damage.

    2. Low recoil.

    3. Very accurate.


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  • Roach141

    MP5 Review

    September 2, 2011 by Roach141

    Hey guys this is my review of the MP5s.


    Great gun for CQB, easily the most popular submachine gun online, although can sometimes be tied with the AK74u popularity wise. Good damage and accuracy. Low recoil and little sway. Red Dot Sight or no attachments are mostly seen. ACOG and Silencer are not used very often. Excellent for going around corners and winning those "really close" battles if you are one of those people that shoot instead of knife.


    1. Powerful

    2. Accurate


    1. Somewhat hard to use with ACOG.

    2. Can be sometimes beaten by the AK74u.


    Very different from the original MP5, an attachment rail as been added along with a Foregrip and the buttstock has been removed. More sway and recoil has been added.

    Although with the phy…

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  • Roach141

    ACR Review

    August 29, 2011 by Roach141

    Hey guys this is my review of the ACR I hope you all enjoy

    Overall a perfect rifle, good with all attachments. Very easy to get penatration kills with FMJ. Excellent long range weapon with Thermal Scope. Perfect run and gun weapon with Stopping Power. Very popular online. Has little to no recoil and very accurate.


    1. Very Accurate

    2. Good rate of fire

    3. Easy penatration


    1. Somewhat low damage

    So yeah I hope you all liked the review and I honestly dont know what I want to do for my next review. I want you guys to tell me want you want the review to be of. Thanks

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