Hey Guys its review time..... this time its the M16A4.
M16A4 Lv40 II

Good with pretty much every attachment, (especially Holographic Sight), and looks good with all the camos. Good for Medium to Long range and, to an extent, CQB. This is a perfect rifle in Search and Destroy because you can pick off enemies from a distant and be very accurate as opposed to dying after five seconds from running and gunning with the UMP45. Very reliable and powerful, kills in one burst if all three bullets hit.


1. Powerful.

2. Not as much recoil as the M16A4 from the first Modern Warfare.

3. Accurate.


1. Not all that wonderful with Thermal Scope.

2. Not the most perfect weapon for CQB.

3. I honestly dont think there is a third.

Please comment I hope you all liked the review next up is the ACR.

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