Hey Peoples this is my review of the amazing M4A1 from Modern Warfare Two.

M4A1 menu icon MW2

Its good with pretty much every attachment. Although it can be difficult to get penatration kills with FMJ though. It looks good with all the camos and just overall is a very good weapon. It can go up against a Tar-21 and win. It can take down a quickscoper with no problem. It is good against Akimbo weapons and can hold its own defending a point in domination.


1. Accurate

2. Powerful

3. Good even for CQB


1. Sway

2. Goes through ammo quickly.

3. Somewhat low rate of fire.

Ok the reason I wanted to make this review is because I love the M4A1. I feel like its not appreciated enough. So yeah anyway please comment. Thanks.

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