Hey guys hope u all enjoy this review. I decided to do this one because I recently started using the MG4 online and loved it, funny cause I am First Prestige level 70 and I just started using it.

Excellent close, medium, and even long range support weapon.
MG4 menu icon MW2
High rate of fire makes up for the somewhat low damage. Basically this is the Light Machine Gun version of the ACR, Accurate, Somewhat weak, high rate of fire. Tied with the RPD for longest reload time in MW2, ten seconds.

Unlike other Light Machine Guns the rounds are held in a bag instead of a mag like the AUG HBAR, a drum like the L86 LSW and the RPD, and a case like the M240.

Sorry the review wasnt very long I havent had much time to do reviews lately please comment.

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