Hey guys this is my review of the MP5s.

MP5 menu icon CoD4

Modern Warfare 1 MP5


Great gun for CQB, easily the most popular submachine gun online, although can sometimes be tied with the AK74u popularity wise. Good damage and accuracy. Low recoil and little sway. Red Dot Sight or no attachments are mostly seen. ACOG and Silencer are not used very often. Excellent for going around corners and winning those "really close" battles if you are one of those people that shoot instead of knife.


1. Powerful

2. Accurate


1. Somewhat hard to use with ACOG.

2. Can be sometimes beaten by the AK74u.


Very different from the original MP5, an attachment rail as been added along with a Foregrip and the buttstock has been removed. More sway and recoil has been added.

Although with the physical and accuracy changes made the MP5k is basically the same as the original Modern Warfare MP5. Very excellent CQB weapon when used with Rapid Fire and Akimbo in conjunction with Bling. Great run and gun weapon with any attachment.

MP5k menu icon MW2



1. Great run and gun weapon.

2. Automatically comes with a Foregrip.


1. Muzzle flash makes aiming somewhat hard.

2. High rate of fire chews through ammo quickly.

Alright guys please comment I hope you all enjoyed the review next up is the Scar-H rifle.

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