I have a complaint very similar to the user Smuff. Black Ops versions of the FAMAS and the AUG are freaking overpowered.
Famas BO


I mean the FAMAS wasn't even around back then as far as I know. Now I know what you might be thinking. I'm some adult player who sucks at COD. Well your wrong... I'm twelve years old.... and addicted to Modern Warfare 1 and 2. Now I know what else you might be thinking. That I run around the MW2 maps with Lightweight, Commando, and Marathon. Again, wrong. I NEVER use these perks. I always use Scavenger Pro, Hardline Pro or Cold Blooded Pro, (I always get ticked when somebody uses a Thermal Scope or AC130) and Steady Aim Pro. (I love Akimbo M93 Rafficas or Glock 18s). Now another thing is the snipers in "Blops" as some people call it. They take FOREVER to kill. It ticks me off cause I snipe all the time in MW2. The M21 EBR w/ Thermal and Akimbo Glock 18s with the perks listed above that I said I use. The Dragunov is an embarrassment to Russians. (Sorry if I mispell some words, I suck at typing) The bolt action sniper (the name escapes me at the moment). The final sniper you unlock takes two shots at close range even with Stopping Power which really ticks me off. The one good thing about Black Ops is that nobody uses a Noob Tube. Seriously I can never find them which makes me happy. I hate Noob Toobers. People running around with One Man Army, Danger Close, and Commando absolutley ticking off any player they find. Pathetic.... Any please post a comment... I want people's opinions on what this blog says. Thanks.

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