Hey guys I have not done any reviews in a while sorry for the wait. This time its the Scar-H.

A great rifle at medium to long range. Low recoil and great damage is great for running and gunning and camping. A good sniper-ish rifle with Thermal Scope and ACOG Scope. Powerful even with Silencer (hard to believe right?). One of the very few problems is the twenty round mag and the low ammo ammount without Scavenger. Slighty akward iron sights but the upside is that they are very easy to use unlike the Tar-21's. Low rate of fire compared with great damage makes it a modern MP40. Cool reload sequence, the mag falls out and you put the new mag in then smack a button on the side of the rifle.


1. Great damage.

2. Low recoil.

3. Very accurate.


1. Low magazine capacity.

2. Low rate of fire makes it somewhat useless for CQC.

Hope you guys enjoyed the review this is my favorite gun so I had alot of fun making this review please comment.

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