Just recently, I was brousing the internet, looking for intel regarding the second DLC for Call of Duty: Black Ops III when I stumbed onto this:

Uh oh, I think someone at Call of Duty messed up again.

Like so far with all DLC, a PS4 Theme is given to players with Season Passes for free for when a new DLC is about to arrive. This image was accidentally revealed along with The Giant and Skyjacked themes. The image was taken down on the Call of Duty Website, but we still have the picture, encoded "dlc2-screen-zombies.jpg". However, it didn't give us a name to the map, so that is still unknown at the time being.

By the looks of the map, it takes place at a swamp, almost like Shi No Numa in World at War and Black Ops. It also appears to be at a Japanese bunker of sorts, almost like on an island. If the coordinates on the Shadows of Evil scrap paper are correct, this map could as well take place on Pohnpei Island in Mirconesia. I would assume there would be different zombies instead of the german ones on The Giant and Der Eisendrache.

The Image

Comment down below on what you think.

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