• Roadkill931

    Map packs

    February 6, 2010 by Roadkill931

    anyone know when they come out, how expensive, and how many maps?

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  • Roadkill931

    If your a fair, honest player who enjoys playing the actual game, you are probaly extremely fed up with the infinite care package glitch. So far, at least for 360, it hasnt been patched. So here is how you counter it:

    Set up this Class:

    Primary: Any Silenced Assult Rifle

    Secondary: Javelin (Cheap yes, but this fire needs to be put out with gasoline)

    Equipment: Tactical Insertion, Flashbangs

    Tier 1: Marathon

    Tier 2: Cold-Blooded

    Tier 3: Ninja

    Killstreak: UAV, Predator Missle, Perscion Airstrike

    So here is how it works: Once you start hereing frequent air drops, too frequent, switch to this class. It is crucial you have cold blooded, so you will not be harmed by their killstreak rewards. First off, locate the direction their in, and lock on with the javeli…

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  • Roadkill931

    Knife Glitch

    January 27, 2010 by Roadkill931

    So i was playing Ground War, domination, today on Wasteland*. I see an unsuspecting victim walking slowly away from flag A. Naturally, I run up to him and knife. But the weirdest thing happened:

    When i knifed him, with commando pro, i got a hit marker instead of a kill. He did not have painkiller (thought painkiller doesnt help againt knives). It should be noted, however, he had a javelin as his secondary, which are notorious for glitches. Any explanations?

    • as a side note, although wasteland is usually a sniping map, heres a more effective method: What i call the UMP Demon.

    Equip the UMP .45 with silencer, marathon, lightweight, and your choice of a tier 3 perk (i would recommend ninja or commando)

    then, just run around the edges of the map pi…

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  • Roadkill931

    Best Classes Ever

    January 20, 2010 by Roadkill931

    Whenever I talk to my friends about this game, people always talk about the "Best class ever", but obviously everyone has their own preferences, so im just curious as to some of the better and more creative classes have been thought up. This is what i tend to use:

    (slot 1)

    Barret .50 Cal w/thermal

    M93 red dot

    Claymore-to guard the nest

    Smoke gernade-you will not believe how many people run into smoke, epic for thermals

    Scavenger Pro-to restock claymores

    Stopping Power Pro-More 1 shot kills

    Steady aim pro-longer hold breath to line up tough shots

    (slot 2)

    ump 45

    44 magnum

    throwing knife

    stun gernade

    then marathon, lightweight and commando- needless to say your impossiple to snipe, move fast, and score quick kills. great for domination,demolition

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