Whenever I talk to my friends about this game, people always talk about the "Best class ever", but obviously everyone has their own preferences, so im just curious as to some of the better and more creative classes have been thought up. This is what i tend to use:

(slot 1)

Barret .50 Cal w/thermal

M93 red dot

Claymore-to guard the nest

Smoke gernade-you will not believe how many people run into smoke, epic for thermals

Scavenger Pro-to restock claymores

Stopping Power Pro-More 1 shot kills

Steady aim pro-longer hold breath to line up tough shots

(slot 2)

ump 45

44 magnum

throwing knife

stun gernade

then marathon, lightweight and commando- needless to say your impossiple to snipe, move fast, and score quick kills. great for domination,demolition

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