So i was playing Ground War, domination, today on Wasteland*. I see an unsuspecting victim walking slowly away from flag A. Naturally, I run up to him and knife. But the weirdest thing happened:

When i knifed him, with commando pro, i got a hit marker instead of a kill. He did not have painkiller (thought painkiller doesnt help againt knives). It should be noted, however, he had a javelin as his secondary, which are notorious for glitches. Any explanations?

  • as a side note, although wasteland is usually a sniping map, heres a more effective method: What i call the UMP Demon.

Equip the UMP .45 with silencer, marathon, lightweight, and your choice of a tier 3 perk (i would recommend ninja or commando)

then, just run around the edges of the map picking off campers 1 by 1. I would also recommend you use UAV for a killstreak, which makes finding enemies easier.

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