If your a fair, honest player who enjoys playing the actual game, you are probaly extremely fed up with the infinite care package glitch. So far, at least for 360, it hasnt been patched. So here is how you counter it:

Set up this Class:

Primary: Any Silenced Assult Rifle

Secondary: Javelin (Cheap yes, but this fire needs to be put out with gasoline)

Equipment: Tactical Insertion, Flashbangs

Tier 1: Marathon

Tier 2: Cold-Blooded

Tier 3: Ninja

Killstreak: UAV, Predator Missle, Perscion Airstrike

So here is how it works: Once you start hereing frequent air drops, too frequent, switch to this class. It is crucial you have cold blooded, so you will not be harmed by their killstreak rewards. First off, locate the direction their in, and lock on with the javelin, their likely to be in the open and still, waiting or using their care package.

If that doesnt succeed, go around the corners of the map to where the care packages are in (Marathon gets you there faster). In the likeliehood they recieved a UAV, they can detect you w/o coldblooded. It is likely you encounter their enemies before you get thier, so the silencer keeps you stealth. When you get close, lay down the insertion, as it may take a few tries.

If they call in a care package, and you have the predator or airstike, use it on them, as their location will be shown on the map.

In the likeliehood they corner themselves, flash them and execute. they are likely to keep doing this when they spawn, but if you kill them enough, they may leave the server.

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